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The GirlBoss Edge:
CashFlow Academy

Invest in yourself
Level up your life
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As women, we can often find Finance and Investing intimidating.

You might have little confidence to invest and feel that it is all too complicated. 

You might want to start your business one day, but are not sure where to start. 

You might have your own business already, but want to scale it. 

You might want to build your confidence in making and managing money. 

You might have no idea what you want to do once you finish School or University - but know you want to live an amazing life on your terms. 

If so, this programme is for you. 

Join us for 'The GirlBoss Edge: CashFlow Academy' a 10-day accelerator to help you cut through the noise, achieve financial freedom, and live life on your terms.

Join a community committed to breaking barriers and uplifting ourselves, our whanau, and our community.

Let's Level-Up!

450 ChangemakeHers.
10 days.

One Transformational Experience

Learn More
Who: Young women aged 15 - 21 with any career interest who want to supercharge their financial potential, and live life on their terms. 

What:  A free 10-Day Online Accelerator.
Sign up today and receive a fully funded scholarship (worth $250)

When: 7th - 16th October 2022. The total time commitment is approx. 1 hour a day. Self-paced to fit in with your schedule! 
Applications now closed. Register your interest in our 2023 cohort.
After graduating from the CashFlow Academy, you will:

1.  Feel more confident  100% of our Alumni agree with this statement

2.  Feel more confident to invest and build your personal wealth
  - 100% of our Alumni agree with this statement

3.  Develop a more positive "money mindset" - 100% of our Alumni agree with this statement

4.  Feel more confident  to create and run your own business - 99% of our Alumni agree with this statement

5.  Be part of the GirlBoss Whanau  - 98% of our Alumni agree with this statement

6.  Describe this programme as "life-changing"   - 92% of our Alumni agree with this statement

The GirlBoss Edge: Cashflow Academy Promise:

No previous experience needed - we will all learn together! 

kickstart your career with the best

GirlBoss Edge makes it possible for you to

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Alexia Hilbertidou

Founder & CEO, GirlBoss NZ

Forbes 30 under 30

Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year

Alexia is the CEO of GirlBoss NZ - the school project which has grown to become NZ's largest organisation for young women. Founded when Alexia was just 16, GirlBoss now has 13,500 members. Alexia’s mission is to get women to the table - the boardroom table that is, and she believes the decisions made while young are crucial in paving the way. She has flown with NASA and is the youngest person to represent New Zealand at the United Nations in New York. 

Alexia's passion for women in Finance and Technology, is why she was named Emerging Alumni of the Year by The Young Enterprise Scheme, Pacific Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and a Forbes 30 under 30 in 2021.

Simran Kaur 

Founder, Girls That Invest

Research shows that women are better investors than our male counterparts, yet we are still less likely to invest! 


'Girls That Invest' founder, Simran Kaur, is here to change this once and for all. Tackling the oft-taboo topic of money and investments with panache, humour and hard-hitting facts, Girls That Invest, has 160,000+ Instagram followers and is rated NZ's #1 business podcast. 


Simran shows us how simple actions taken now can help you to build and sustain wealth, for generations to come.

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Queenie Tan

Founder, Invest with Queenie

TikTok "Fin-fluencer" 

Tik Tok Sensation, Queenie Tan is an absolute force when it comes to Finance & Investing.

Her personal finance journey started when she moved out of home as a teenager and was earning just $400 per week. She could barely afford to pay her bills and groceries each week. Fast forward only a few years later, and Queenie has just bought her own home, has investments, has a 6 figure income and is on her journey to reach financial freedom.


"Investing and financial literacy isn't only for the rich - it's how people become rich. When you're young, even if you don't have a lot of money to start with, you have time on your side. Nowadays, investing is way more accessible. We can start with $5!" 

Ness Goodson

Founder, OMGNess

Winner, The Apprentice


As a self-described "manifesting machine" this total GirlBoss is the winner of The Apprentice NZ.


Vanessa (Ness) has poured her creative genius into creating a business which allows her to make money from her love for lux. 

She is the Queen of event styling and the founder of - OMGNESS - a styling and events business specialising in boujee parties.

Ness proves that when you play to your strengths, you can have it all.

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Siying, 16, Auckland

The GirlBoss Edge programme is like a dream come true: my confidence has increased by 100x in my own home! Being in a community of like-minded young wahine, I am no longer fearful of the future.

Don't just take our word for it

Hear from our GirlBoss Edge Alumni 

Monika, 17, Auckland

This opportunity has provided me with skills and knowledge that will greatly benefit me in the long run. It has motivated me to not only pursue my future career but also to commit and achieve whatever I put my mind to, and to do everything with a purpose. I am truly grateful to have been selected for this programme.


Emma, 18, Christchurch

I loved every second of it because it pushed me to think inwardly and also about the world around me and what needs changing. The energy that I have felt as well as the empowerment that has come from being a part of this amazing opportunity is overwhelming and inspiring. It is one of the best things I have done.

Real feedback from kiwi women like you!

“Before this programme, I wanted to start my own small business, and eventually change the world in my own little way, but had no idea where to begin and had no confidence to do so. It is honestly difficult to describe in words how much GirlBoss has changed my life. I feel so much more confident than ever before, and I can not only feel the change, but I can see it too! 
I can truly believe that I have the power to make all my dreams come true now!
Thank you, honestly, it was perfect!!”

- Deiza, 16, Avondale College, Auckland

How it works

Ambitious aspirations require wrap-around solutions.

Apply Online & Find your Tribe

Apply for this programme online. We will select young women who are determined to learn and create a future that works for them. If selected, you will join a supportive, like-minded, community of awesome wahine from across Aotearoa. 

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Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.42.24 PM.png

Learn from the best with our LIVE talks with the world's best and brightest

Interactive live-streams with game-changing entrepreneurs and TikTok

'Fin-fluencers' who will break down the hard topics and GUIDE you on your journey.


Level up with The Challenge

Activate your financial potential with the GirlBoss CashFlow Challenge. Designed for movers, shakers and action-takers the CashFlow Challenge is your opportunity to create the change you want to see. It's time to dream big and walk the walk. 


Complete the Masterclasses

Gain the GirlBoss Edge through self-paced masterclasses and activities on topics such as: Personal Branding, Investing, Sales & Negotiation, Business Creation, Networking and more..

No previous finance knowledge is needed - everyone will learn together.  These Masterclasses will help you to navigate your future with confidence and direction.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 2.42.39 PM.png

Gain 1:1 Mentoring with Industry leaders

It's not who you know, it's who knows you!

Build your professional networks without leaving home. You will receive virtual 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with inspirational role models who will work closely with you to empower you to take your next steps. 

Time to party!

After 10 Days, you will graduate from the programme energised and equipped for your future. You will celebrate at our Graduation Party, surrounded by your new-found friends, mentors, and champions.

The Facilitator

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The GirlBoss Edge programme is designed and delivered by GirlBoss NZ Founder Alexia Hilbertidou.​

Alexia has had over $500,000 worth of leadership development training through prestigious fellowships at Facebook Headquarters in San Francisco; the Three Dot Dash Foundation in New York; and as an Eisenhower Youth Fellow and a Deloitte Global Scholar. 


Alexia is taking the best of what she has learned and will be delivering it to you in this 10 day programme.

Alexia's passion for education has led to her being recognised as a Forbes 30 under 30 Lister,  Prime Minister's Pacific Youth Award Winner, and a Westpac Woman of Influence. She is also the youngest person in history to receive the Queens Young Leader medal for Services to the Commonwealth. 

We believe in equity of access. 

This programme is completely free thanks to our sponsors, PwC New Zealand, Spark, ANZ, and the Ministry of Education. 

Nothing should stand between you and your dreams. 
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