Do you have a heart for healthcare?

GirlBoss Edge: Healthcare Edition 

150 Young Leaders. 10 Days. 

One Transformational Experience

9th - 18th of May 2020
Total time commitment:
10 - 20 hours
Young women aged 16 - 18 who are passionate about Healthcare
10 Day Leadership Accelerator (100% online)
Applications have now closed.

learn from the best

GirlBoss Edge makes it possible for anyone to

Dr Hinemoa Elder

Forensic Psychiatrist,
Brain Research New Zealand

“Ahakoa he iti te matakahi, ka pakaru i a ia te tōtara! A small group can acheive amazing results! Kei te hari tōku ngākau, I am so happy to be part of mentoring our kōtiro who have a heart for healthcare in realising their dreams!”

Dr Monique Faleafa 

Clinical Psychologist

CEO of Le Va and Pacific Inc Ltd

Deputy Chair of the New Zealand Psychologists' Board and the Health Promotion Agency

Dr Angela Lim

Paediatric Doctor & Tech Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of Clearhead 

"My career in health has not been straightforward, but it has been full of learnings and I feel very purposeful with what I am doing today. I can't wait to share my journey with you all and hopefully you will see that it takes all types to succeed in health."

Shalini Guleria

Breast Cancer Researcher, PhD Candidate Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute

 Founder & CEO, ScienceBox

"My journey in STEM has been about exploration, where I found my passion towards cancer research. I am excited to share my journey with young women in NZ and hopefully guide them to finding their passion."

How it works.

Ambitious aspirations require simple solutions.

Apply Online

Apply for this fully-funded, completely free (yee-hah!) online programme. We will select 150 young women who are determined to be future industry leaders and pioneers.

Complete the Masterclasses

Gain the GirlBoss Edge through self-paced masterclasses and activities on topics such as: Personal Branding, Linkedin, Interviewing, and Networking. You will receive one lesson every day, and the activities can be completed in just one or two hours. 

Be Mentored and Connect with Industry leaders

It's not who you know, it's who knows you!

Build your professional networks without leaving home. You will be mentored LIVE and online by inspirational role models across NZ's largest organisations. 

Gain CV Worthy Experience

You will complete a 48 hour challenge to solve real life business problems and will pitch your solutions to some of New Zealand's biggest industry leaders.

The Facilitator

The GirlBoss Edge programme is designed and delivered by 21-year-old GirlBoss NZ founder Alexia Hilbertidou.​

Alexia has had over $500,000 worth of leadership development training through prestigious fellowships at Facebook Headquarters in San Francisco; the Three Dot Dash Foundation in New York; as an Eisenhower Youth Fellow and a Deloitte Global Scholar. She has a certificate in 'Leading Change' through her completion of a 12 month programme at UK's Cambridge University. 


Alexia is taking the best of what she has learned and will be delivering it to you in this 10 day programme.

Alexia's passion for education has led to her being recognised as a Top 30 Global Teen Leader; Prime Minister's Pacific Youth Award Winner, and a Westpac Woman of Influence. She is also the youngest person in history to receive the Queens Young Leader medal for Services to the Commonwealth. 

Neve, 16

For the rest of my life I will forever remember the friendships I made. I met girls who share the same career interests as me. These skills I learnt will stay with me and will definitely benefit me in my future when I go into the workforce.

Don't just take our word for it

Hear from our GirlBoss Alumni 

Ariana, 15

 I have become 100 times more self-assured and confident in my own abilities.

Tufou, 18

I really noticed a change in my attitude towards public speaking and personal branding after graduating from this once in a lifetime experience. I feel empowered and confident and blessed to have met the GirlBoss team and the other incredible girls in the programme. I have made life long friends. "

Frequently asked questions

Is this programme 100% online?

Yes. This programme is 100% online and there is no in-person element. This ensures that any young woman, no matter where in New Zealand they live, can take part.

How much does it cost? How is it funded?

This is a free programme. GirlBoss NZ works with sponsors to ensure that our programmes are free and accessible to all. The cost of your participation in the programme is $250, this cost is 100% subsidised by the Ministry of Education.

What will I do on the programme?

This online programme is highly interactive and is designed for young women who are keen to actively participate and execute on their learning. You will practise your networking and interviewing skills. You will take part in intensive leadership and career training. You will develop personal branding skills. You will take part in a quick-fire industry challenge where you will gain CV worthy experiences. You will recieve mentoring and be inspired by industry role models. The GirlBoss Edge Programme has been created in order to empower you to reach your full potential.

Where can I read the terms and conditions?

You can read the terms and conditions here.

Who can apply for this programme?

This programme is for young women aged 16 - 18 who live in New Zealand. If you have finished high school, you can still apply.

Do I have to complete the whole programme? What is the time commitment involved?

Yes. You must complete all units and tasks to successfully graduate from the programme. The tasks will be self-paced and it will take between 10 - 20 hours to complete them all. In addition, there will be 5 set times where you participate in Facebook LIVE and online community networking events.
If you can not attend a Facebook LIVE session, you will be sent a recording.

I am not interested in Healthcare. Can I still apply?

This programme is for young women with an interest in healthcare. We will be running future intakes for other industries. Please sign up as a member at to be notified of future intakes.

I am not interested in being a Doctor. Can I still apply?

This programme is for young women with an interest in healthcare - there are many roles in healthcare beyond being a Doctor - such as a Biologist, a Midwife, a Biomedical engineer, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and so much more! We will be running future intakes for other industries, please sign up as a member at to be notified of future intakes.

We believe in equity of access. 
This course is completely free thanks to the Ministry of Education. We want all young New Zealanders to gain access to employers and inspirational role models.

Nothing should stand between you and your career dreams. 
GirlBoss New Zealand

The GirlBoss Edge Programme is run by GirlBoss NZ - New Zealand's leading organisation for ambitious young women.

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